The Deer and Their Special Messages

I’ve always loved being out in nature for as long as I can remember, but something that I’ve come to learn about quite recently is my very own spirit animal: the deer. Now, this might sound crazy to some, but I believe that everyone has their own spirit animal, a special and unique kind of energy presented in the form of a terrestrial creature or even aquatic animal that can serve as a guiding force for an individual along their life’s path and endeavors. 

Ever since I stepped on campus, the deer would always present themselves in different ways,  and I believe that each time that they did, they carried a special message to be delivered to me. Sometimes, I’ll see a whole family of them, and other times, I’ll see only one or two deer. Of course, if a deer could speak to me like a human would, it would be much easier to interpret these messages, but I’ve gotten better at recognizing and receiving them telepathically (this takes a ton of practice and dedication, but it is definitely possible and totally worth it!).

Born and raised in a Hindu family, I’ve always been fascinated by the associations of animals to the different Hindu Gods & Goddesses, as well as the importance of nature in general to Hindu beliefs and practices. When it comes to deer, I immediately think of the Goddess Saraswati, who is the Goddess of music, art, knowledge, wisdom, and education. Interestingly enough, I always manage to come across at least one deer during one of my nature walks, which I like to take to relieve any stress during the day or simply to relax. Plenty of them like to roam around the Preserve, and now that they’ve gotten used to seeing my face a lot, they don’t really run away from me anymore. They’ve also gotten used to me taking my phone out and snapping pictures of them doing their thing. Here is a picture I took of one recently: 

But more importantly, when I come across the deer and look at them, I am able to see and recognize the essence of Goddess Saraswati. I am reminded of why I am studying at this university, what my true purpose in life is, and that each day is filled with new opportunities and the chance to do something differently. When I start to lose track of this Higher Purpose or mission, the deer remind me of my why, and inspire me to get right back on track. I thank the deer for being of support to me on my path, and ultimately thank Goddess Saraswati for helping me to make my dreams manifest into my physical reality. 

So the next time you are out on a walk, or find yourself surrounded by nature, try tuning in and listening to your intuition/gut feeling – has nature been trying to convey something to you? Are there any important signs/messages you need to receive that you may have been overlooking?

Lakshta Kundal is a junior majoring in Coastal Environmental Studies at Stony Brook University. After graduating college, Lakshta plans on continuing her research studies in marine ecosystems and running her own business dedicated to increasing environmental/ecological consciousness and supporting humanitarian causes on the global level. Being deeply passionate about environmental sustainability & activism, Lakshta believes that a bright, sustainable future for all is possible. In her free time, Lakshta enjoys reading, drinking matcha, and watching funny Tik Tok videos.


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