THE DEVELOPER’S MIDNIGHT FANTASY By Annemarie Waugh Outdoor Art & LIVE Music & Dance

WHEN September 23 – October 7, 2021LIVE PERFORMANCES

Sept 23 @ 1 pmSept 29 @1 pm

WHERE Ashley Schiff PreserveSouth CampusStony Brook UniversityPublic Parking Life

DETAILS Art, Poetry, Music, Dance, Neuroscience Art by Annemarie Waugh, Poetry by Michelle Whittaker @michpoto, Music by Tommy Wu & Daniel Cohen, @drwupoo, Dance Ensemble by Amy Yopp, Sullivan Costumes by @martabaumiller, Neuroscience by Arianna Maffei

Sponsored by Office of Equity & Inclusion & Chief Diversity Officer, Friends of Ashley Schiff Preserve Scholarship. In partnership with the @zuccairegallery

The Developer’s Midnight Fantasy is a two-week art installation that invites visitors to consider the fragility of nature through an imagined clear-cutting of the Ashley Schiff Preserve, a nature preserve located at Stony Brook University. The staging asks participants to question their assumptions about the permanence of forests. Forests can help us to heal, feel more creative, and respect nature, but forests are at risk. The ongoing destruction of forests is an under-recognized problem. This project seeks to make us think about development everywhere, and especially our connection with nature.


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