Student-led Survey Project

Students at Stony Brook University are currently conducting a survey project! Scan the QR codes below to participate!

Group 1 – Inhabitants of the Schiff Woods

  • Yuanjie Chen, Patience Reilly, Tracy Ha, Jun Peng Wu

Group 2 – Survey Physical Activity and Ashley Schiff Preserve

  • Sumera Yamin, Shannon Haller, Megan Bast, Gen Li

Group 3 – Nature on the Brain

  • Reese German, Noah Colamussi, Mimi Zahed, Emerson Burke

Group 4 – Your Experience in the Woods

  • Selah Conners, Miranda Seeley, Jonathan McAuliffe, Jack Kassin

Group 5 –  Your Perception of Nature Preservation

  • Vaughn Kelly, Colin Orgass, Andy Zhou, Alyssa Sweett