51st Anniversary Fundraiser

The 51st Celebration of the Ashley Schiff Preserve was held online on November 19th 2020.

These files are available to view, download, and edit on the recording detail page:

To share the recording with the integrated audio transcript:
https://stonybrook.zoom.us/rec/share/_-VJ4flu1yR-CV47ztSCZ6pzirqLzkiKsFmNwSnaDHdPODNHq91-5Vs1g6p1YS6F.jRXgtkO7DS5i5ItA (Access Passcode: x#=cLHk7)

*Thank you for attending the 51st Celebration of Forever Wild. We can keep the preserve Forever Wild because of your support. For donations, please email Friends.ASPP@gmail.com or call Donna DiGiovanni, Tresurer of the Friends of the Ashley Schiff Preserve at 631-632-1364

Photo credit : Vanity Fair (https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2020/05/j-drew-lanham-interview)