Volunteer with Us!

the Friends of the Ashley Schiff Preserve is looking for student volunteers! You don’t have to be majoring in any environment-related majors. As long as you love being outdoors, all are welcome!

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, sign up using the google forms below. If you want to have a conversation about your own way of working with us (using other than the volunteer opportunities that are listed below) please email our Social Media Manager Evan Joo at hogyeum.joo@gmail.com. or the Friends email at Friends.ASPP@gmail.com


  • Recruitment is over for the Fall 2020. Spring Term Project is in development. please email Friends.ASPP@gmail.com if you’d like to be involved in the future.

*some of the works can be done remotely, and social distancing and other necessary safety measures will be taken seriously for the health and health of the participants and the Friends of the Ashley Schiff Preserve members.


The student naturalists will go to the Preserve and help the Friends building the wildlife index by taking pictures and identifying the plant and animal species. The volunteers will work in three subgroups, but it won’t be strictly divided. (*no previous experiences required)

Arthur D. Storke Memorial Expedition. Long Island Field Trip Guide - PDF  Free Download

a. Animal/birds – mammals, insects, avian species

b. Plants – trees, bushes, flowers

c. Fungi – fungal species, lichen, moss


The Environmental Blog Writers will write blog articles on the official website (AshleySchiff.org) about their perspectives and experiences on the environment focusing on conservation. The topics includes the followings. Your work will be published on the website and our social media channels.

a. the Ashley Schiff Preserve (ecology, history, geology…etc.)

b. Environmental Activism (Dr. Ashley Schiff, student activities…etc.)

c. Student/Human – Environment Relationship at home, or on university campus

d. Stony Brook University Campus Environment, and/or Environmental Concerns focusing on Long Island

e. Environmental Awareness and Education

f. topics of your choice!


Ashley Schiff Preserve Science Walk

The Nature Illustrators will work closely with the Student Naturalists and produce detailed (or artistic) illustrations of the wildlife that can be found in the Preserve. or you can produce artworks (posters, wallpapers, zoom background…etc) or brochures that the Friends of the Ashley Schiff Preserve can use to promote our work to the public and fellow students on campus.

4. GIS Specialist

Anatomy of Glaciotectonic Folding and Thrusting Imaged Using GPR in the Ashley  Schiff Preserve, Stony Brook, NY

Mapping specialists will conduct mapping projects and produce informative and creative maps of any kind. Feel free and get creative with your mapping skills! (*GIS experience required!)

5. Nature Photographer

Share your photography skills with us! (good quality phone cameras are welcomed here!) Photographers can go to natural spots and the Preserve at anytime they want, and will share the pictures that are going to be used on our social media, nature archives, and other printable materials.