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[From the President] The eleven posts (check below summarize the celebration of the 50th year that Ashley Schiff Preserve has remained wild and untouched. An event like this requires the help of so many people, from students to professors, from community members and alums. It's a testament to all of the people who love open space–and have loved it for the last 50 years–that this forest has remained intact. Our 50th celebration built new bridges, linking the Art Department to Sustainability Studies, Ecology and Evolution, and the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. We welcome the many ways we have to love the outdoors, the clean air, and the trees. The Schiff family came from all over the country to help celebrate this milestone. It was my pleasure to meet Philip and Aimie Schiff, and their daughter Adira. Karen Schiff Dines and Rob Dines attended, along with their children, Noah and Arianna . Dorothy Schiff's nephew, Dr. Russell Schiff and his wife Debbie came. Russell is the son of Ashley’s twin brother. Our 50th celebration happened in a year where finding local politicians who care deeply about the environment was easy–they surround us. Thank you Senator Gillibrand, Councilwoman Cartright, and Legislator Hahn. Thank you all and also State Assemblyman Steven Englebright for supporting our Preserve and open spaces across Long Island. The Stony Brook Students of 1969 had a chance to name a building in the name of their beloved professor, Dr. Ashley Schiff. But they did not embrace that idea. Instead, they wanted to give a rarer gift to the students of today–the gift of the forest. On behalf of the Friends of the Ashley Schiff Preserve, I thank those students. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. When the Stony Brook students of 2069 invite their professors and community to help them celebrate 100 years of Forever Wild, it is my sincerest hope that they do so from a legally protected place that is at least 26 acres. And wouldn't it be nice if the American chestnut tress used this space to help make their comeback? With Gratitude, Sharon Pochron, Ph.D., President, Friends of Ashley Schiff Park Preserve

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